English Colonies Dbq

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In the 1600s many emigrants from England came to settle in North America. Most of the English at the time were Christian, and one of the several reasons to explore was to spread the word of God. Most of the documents mention how the new colonists must serve their God and keep themselves holy and to not indulge in temptations that would stray them from their original goals. However, by the 1700s the distinct group that settled in the New England region was split into two groups. The split of the two groups came from gold diggers, the temptation of gold overweight their original goal, thus causing the group to split into two groups, the Christians and the Gold Diggers. In Document A, the author was writing about how the colonists needed to stay together as “one man”. The author’s purpose for writing this is because he believed that if the colonists came together and …show more content…

Everyone on the list is related somehow, meaning all the new colonists will believe in the same thing, everyone will have the same belief systems and religious practices making it easier to stay unified. Like in document D it states five goals of the new colony. “We intend by God's grace, as soon as we can, with all convenient speed, to procure some Godly and faithful minister with whom we purpose to join in church covenant to walk in all the ways of Christ” their goals were to keep everyone together but in a holy manner, everyone had to worship Jesus Christ. To keep a diverse group of people they brought forty families rich and poor, that way not everyone is rich and looking for more gold and not everyone is poor looking to gain money from the land. The document also stated that everyone will have the same amount of property, less jealousy equals less greediness. The Author’s entire purpose was to describe the original intent of the colony, a Christian colony by faith through Christ, and to stay unified like in document

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