Death Be Not Proud: An Analysis Of Margaret Edson's 'WIT'

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The article, “Death Be Not Proud: An Analysis of Margaret Edson's WIT” by Madeline M. Keaveney, begins by depicting who Margaret Edson, the author of “WIT,” and how she came up with the inspiration of her play “WIT.” Edson’s inspiration for her play came from her work as clerk in an AIDS-oncology unit. The article goes on to compare the play itself to the HBO TV movie of the play. Keaveney states that the two are both similar in the impression of the central message, which is how language helps everyone better, understand the meaning of life.
Furthermore, Keaveney goes on to explain the Power of Language to name, which is brought up throughout the play. She states that the emphasis in the play, is on the seemingly simple phenomenon of naming

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