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Heather Hogue 9/28/2015 CRMJ 358-001 ECA: Shattered Summary The book I chose to read was called “Shattered” by Debra Puglisi Sharp and Marjorie Preston. It depicts Debra’s life and how she was kidnapped from her home in April, 1998. She was a loving wife to her husband, Nino, who died being shot by the kidnapper. She also has two twins who were in college at the time named Michael and Melissa. Debra was tending to her garden when she then goes back into the house and is hit on the head by the kidnapper knocking her off her feet. The kidnapper then rapes her, puts her in his trunk, and drives off. He takes her to his house where he holds her captive and ties her hands and feet together. While there, she is raped repeatedly and is assaulted. She can’t help but think of her husband and children. Eventually, she finds out that her husband has been murdered by her kidnapper and can’t help but think of getting back to her kids that need her. Five days later, she gets up the courage to escape the room she’s been held …show more content…

In the book, “shattered”, Debra was completely emotionless and numb from her kidnapping/days of captivity. She experienced post-traumatic stress and was paranoid of people. She even get scary flashbacks of her time in Donald Flagg’s home and witness that same fear just by doing certain actions. In this article, results show that depression, anxiety, fear, hypervigilance, and anger were the common reactions to physical assault. “One of the strongest themes to emerge from the sample was the difficulties victims faced in attempting to return to their normal lives. Difficulties returning to and maintaining study or employment, and relationship problems were common.” (Fuller, G. (2015). The serious impact and consequences of physical assault. (cover story). Trends & Issues In Crime & Criminal Justice, (496),

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