Decade Of Bad Manners In The Great Gatsby

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Decade Of Bad Manners How does the 1920s reflect on the Great Gatsby In the 1920s many people changed their ways, girls started to wear less clothes, men started drinking and started to be unfaithful to their wives. Although there are many aspects that reflect the 1920s three similarities are disillusionment and people with poor manners, people getting rich quickly and also people lost faith in god and business became their new religion. One aspect from the 1920s that reflect on the Great Gatsby is disillusionment and poor manners. For example in the Great Gatsby and in the book only yesterday is the “The Decade of Manners.” The 1920s was alive with character and laughter and case innuendo and introduction. In the Great Gatsby people show up to Gatsby's party without even knowing him or have met him. In the 1920s people would “gatecrash.” Gatecrash” is when people would show up to parties uninvited. The book only yesterday it states “a least one could toss off a few drinks and get a …show more content…

In the book only yesterday it states that “three years between 1924 and 1927 there was leap from 75 to 283 number of Americans who paid taxes on income of more than a million”doc(c). In these three years the poor learned how to act rich and because of this they got high paying jobs. There was epidemic of more knowledge of books on how to act rich and they were cultured quick so they can become socially at ease. This can relate to the Great Gatsby because when Dan Cody was in danger of dying Gatsby saves him and in return he teaches Gatsby how to be rich and act rich, and he also leaves him his assets. With the skills that he gained from Dan Cody, Gatsby bought the biggest mansion in west egg within three years. This shows that the lowest class people can also gain skills that can help them become high class, just like Gatsby before he would collect clams and now he owns a huge

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