Decline Of The Roman Republic Essay

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The Decline of the Roman Republic
The Decline of the Roman Republic
Ancient history was profoundly affected by the fall of the Roman Republic, which signaled the end of one period and the start of another. The Roman Empire took its place in 27 BC after the Roman Republic had existed for more than four centuries. The Roman Republic was founded in 509 BC. Several issues, such as political corruption, economic unpredictability, and social discontent, contributed to the demise of the Republic. I would argue that political corruption and the theory of alliance of Julius Caesar, Pompeii the Great, and Marcus Licinius was the leading cause of Rome’s decline.
Political corruption was the single most significant reason for the decline of the Roman …show more content…

Rich people would bribe politicians to obtain access to positions of authority or to sway choices that would be advantageous to them individually (Students of History, n.d.). This resulted in a system where only the wealthy and powerful influenced how the country was managed, leaving the people in the dark.
Nepotism was yet another method that political corruption weakened the Roman Republic. Regardless of their qualifications or skills, politicians would assign friends or family to powerful posts. This resulted in inefficiency and poor management as inept individuals were frequently assigned to crucial government roles.
Another cause I would argue is the alliance of Julius Caesar, Pompeii the Great, and Marcus Licinius. Julius Caesar was a superb military leader who used conquest to increase Rome's realm. His desire to take over as dictator, however, put Rome's established system of governance in danger. Caesar was viewed as a threat by Pompeii, another outstanding military leader who was also seeking dominance. The two got into a hostile rivalry that ultimately resulted in civil war. Marcus Licinius was a successful politician who abused his position to amass wealth and power. He helped Caesar become powerful, but when realizing his interests were in jeopardy, he turned against him (Boundless World History, n.d.; Students of History,

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