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I love softball. In softball to a achieve a great swing you need to be inside the batters box. Then, lift your bat to your ear level, you take a step with your front foot, swing the bat and pivot your back foot while you are swinging. If these steps are followed correctly or not done in the right order, you should construct your swing and keep practicing. Just like an empire should. There were three significant reasons for the fall of Rome. Military problems, legal injustice, and foreign invasions. Of these the most important reason was Rome’s military problems. One important reason that Rome fell was because of Rome’s legal injustice system. Evidence that this was a problem is that in Document E it states “Taxes are very severe...A wealthy …show more content…

In document C it shows in the map all the invasions that happened, where they took place, and who they attacked. Considering Rome had this many attacks it can come to show that there security wasn’t very good. This problem contributed to Rome’s “fall” because of how weak their army was. Training the soldiers better would have probably helped them and having better equipment to use, which leads us into the last reason for the cause of fall of Rome. While the two first reasons are important, the primary reasons that Rome fell was because of the military they had. Document B shows that “Foot soldiers wore breastplates and helmets...but when, because of negligence and laziness, parade ground drills were abandoned.” This all comes to show how it weakened Rome. This was the most important factor in Rome’s fall because the military was what protected the people and Rome. If it wasn’t for military Rome would have fallen a lot faster and there would have been no protection for anybody. It is true that there are other reasons that explain Rome’s decline. For example. Political assassinations and natural disasters. However the three reasons above - foreign invasion, legal injustice, and especially military problems - provide the best explanation why Rome finally crumbled in the 5th century

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