Personal Narrative: Defining Moments In BMT

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Yuen Sze Dao L4406 DEFINING MOMENTS IN BMT When I first enlisted into BMT, I felt that the next 17 weeks would be boring and dreadful. But having experienced BMT for the Past 15 weeks have proved me otherwise. This is due to the fun and joy that my platoon mates and commanders bring to make my experience in BMT a memorable and fruitful one. BMT has allowed me to widen my social network and get to know more about others, their different background and cultures. One of the defining moments of BMT was being platoon IC, which helped to boost my level of confidence and be more outspoken than before. It also helped me to understand how essential communication and passing down of messages are, in a platoon. The Basic Trainfire Package was another defining moment of BMT as it was quite interesting to be given the opportunity to fire live rounds for the 2nd time with the 1st when I was a NCC Cadet. Being able to shoot down all the figure 15 targets to me was an achievement and yet again, we had a lot time to talk and…show more content…
However, with my platoon mates pushing on one another, I was also motivated to strive harder and push on to complete the Route March. When I stepped into the parade square after the last 3km, I felt very contented. I hope that the 24km Route March on 10/11/2015 would go very smoothly like the 16km Route March with nobody falling out. And I hope that everyone would be at the floating platform for our POP! Never did I actually think that the 17 weeks would pass by in a blink of an eye and I would say that I actually enjoyed the whole of BMT and the PTP, together with my buddies, section mates, platoon mates, company mates and last but not least, Leopard Company Commanders. And I would like to thank all commanders for leading Leopard Company, because without them, there would not be us,
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