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Well the think is that stress is a physiological and psychological response to a condition that threatens or challenges a person and requires some form of adaptation or adjustment. People like us go through everyday stress. In society we all stress from all kinds of mental things like trying to pass a test, when you have a really bad mark in your course, assignment due the next day later, being on time to work etc. The thing is that people stress with all types of common mental things that were mention after the definition.
When you’re at the stage where you are about fail a course, which causes you to stress out because in your mind is like don’t stress out too much because you lose a lot sleep and focus. In high school I stayed up to 7:00 …show more content…

When you’re given a task, do the assignment early, so that you don’t have to stress out really bad at last minute. For example is when I was in high school, I was stressing out really bad because the day the assignment was due I was working on it last minute. Eventually all that hard work paid off with a 100% in the assignment. The course that I got 100 percent in the assignment was Outdoor Ed. Sometimes in life we have to take responsibility in our assignment because without it, we will have a lot of stress in life. Whenever assignment comes at last minute it puts out a lot stress to us because when the assignment is not done, we won’t get the mark. To conclude my second point is that this is the reason why students like us stress out a lot due to the assignment due the next …show more content…

The more you have stress; the most likely you will get high blood pressure, poor performance and negative emotional tone because when we get in to stress your brain panic’s and end up getting suicidal though like “ I’ am going to died, if I stress out too much”. Or people die at the spot and don’t care how to suicide in which weapon or poison. At home my grandpa was home alone and went for smoke, and got his hand broken on the balcony. Then few days later he had epilepsy at night time. Then I started feel stress out that his life was in danger. At the hospital, my grandpa went to the washroom at night time and nurses or doctors didn’t know he fell down on the floor. The hospital told our parents in the morning that he fell down with 10 stitches on his head. They supposed tell us at night instead of the morning. I told my parents to change the hospital because I visualizing something is going to happen to my grandpa. My parents said nothing will happen. Few days later, my dad and grandma said don’t give the pills. The nurse still gave it to him, while he half awake. While he was awake he was choking when the nurse left. She came back and tried saving him, eventually she killed him. If my grandma didn’t see what the nurse and doctors did they would’ve of said he had a heart

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