Dementia Vs Alzheimer's Research Paper

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Alzheimer’s disease vs. Dementia. What’s the difference? Dementia is impaired thinking and memory. Alzheimer’s disease is an ACTUAL disease that includes – or really is a specific form of dementia. They are not one in the same. Alzheimer’s is not a reversible disease. Some people with dementia may only have it from medication side effects, car accidents etc.
Alzheimer’s patients are different as they have impaired thought, speech, confusion, and some patients who are in the late stage even lose the ability to talk and swallow. There are 3 stages to this disease progression (ref.1): early, middle, and late. The early stage is when most people confuse basic dementia with Alzheimer’s. It is when you begin to lose your train of thought, can’t come up with the …show more content…

For those people who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol – this will increase the risk of having Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown that eating coconut oil will help grease the mind so to speak in a way that increases thyroid function, lowers cholesterol, helps balance weight and can decrease the chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s later in life. A healthy body helps with keeping a healthy mind! Once the disease has progressed though, health will decline. Lack of proper nutrition, and not taking the needed medication will aid in the rapid decline.
In summation, Alzheimer’s is a disease which affects the entire mind and body. It includes dementia as a side effect. Alzheimer’s has 3 distinct stages whereas dementia is a blanket label that can be caused from improper nutrition, side effects of trauma, or even side effects of medication or other diseases. Patients with Alzheimer’s can only be made comfortable, and well cared for to help ease the transition. They need to be looked after, cared for, fed properly, be in a safe place, and assisted with all needs. Dementia has the chance of being reversible while Alzheimer’s never will

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