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I believe that most of my political ideologies are closely associated with the Democratic Party. For instance, I strongly support abortion, stricter gun background checks, affordable education, use of alternative energy, promotion of welfare, the expansion of social security, and a better immigration system. Thus, I believe in an efficient and just government that has enough power to govern all of its people without discrimination. In this regard, it’s plausible for a government to have enough power to deal with issues that the country is struggling with. Among all of the important issues that a government needs to tackle, personally, the issues of abortion, promotion of welfare, and the use of alternative energy, are the most important to …show more content…

Wade, women had to risk their lives and consume unregulated drugs in order to end an unwanted pregnancy. Now, decades after the supreme court decision of Roe V. Wade, which legalized abortion, Republicans are still fighting to criminalize abortion, and act which will force women who want abortion to receive it through illegal practices, thus throwing women back to the decades when they had to fatally suffer from unregulated abortion pills. As a Democrat, I want to uphold the decision of Roe V. Wade and expand women’s health care. I would increase funding to clinics such as Planned Parenthood and make sure that congress will not make this issue an excuse for shutting down the government. Admittedly, the funding will not be easy. Thus, I plan on cutting in half the 600 billion budget dedicated to the military, which is more than any other country in this world, and grant a portion of that budget to women’s health and toward making contraceptives available and accessible for …show more content…

The United States, as a leading example for the word, must start taking action to cut its use of fossil fuels. I believe that the effects of global warming are very similar to the effects that tobacco has on a person, you can’t see it but it slowly builds up to destroy you. In other words, if we don’t take action right now to cut carbon dioxide and prevent the increasing greenhouse effect, the ocean levels will slowly rise as glaciers melt and retreat, imperiling the habitat of many endangered species. Since global warming is a proven phenomena, caused by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, it’s important for the government to regulate the carbon dioxide emissions of factories and the car manufacturers by enforcing laws and regulations. By reinforcing laws and increasing the number of professional government inspectors, any loopholes and acts of bribery can be eliminated. Although regulating the carbon dioxide levels is important, nonetheless, nothing can truly be achieved if production has to stay the same while demand increases; thus, to make this scheme effective, a greener, renewable energy source is needed. Alternative energy is always a subject that is almost completely ignored by the Republicans, but mentioned by a handful of Democrats. But so far any significant effort, such

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