Myths Of Climate Change Is A Myth

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Climate Change is the global weather pattern. Ever since the 1800’s climate change has been a problem even though very few people know about the issue. The weather is naturally supposed to increase and decrease over a period of time, this is no the case. Climate Change is real because the weather is not the only thing heavily impacted and studies have proven this to be correct. Over the years, the climate has changed dramatically. An article from the National Journal reported that “ Last October, While most of Virginia escaped the wrath of superstorm Sandy as it barreled up the coast toward New York, the tidal waters in Norfolk rose and soaked through his cinder-block foundation.” ( “How Much Climate Change is Costing You”). This implies …show more content…

(…) Myth 4: No matter how much Australia - or the rest of the world - cut its greenhouse gas emissions, it won’t have any appreciable effect on the climate by 2020 or even 2030. So why bother? Reality 4: This is the critical decade for taking effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” (“The Myths of Climate Change-Science”) This tells us that the people who don’t believe in climate change believe everything we think we hear about climate change is actually supposed to be happening, it happens as the earth gets …show more content…

An article from the Pre Research Center states that “ 74% say there is solid evidence that the average temperature on Earth has been getting warmer, while 23% say there is no solid evidence that the Earth has been warming” ( “Global Warming and Environmental regulation, personal environmentalism”) This shows that over the years more people in the world believe that there is such thing of climate change and agree that the temperature of the atmosphere has increased dramatically. Many people think they can’t help fix this problem, though they are wrong. Big organizations aren’t the only ones who can help. An individual can take actions to stop climate change, these actions can conclude to “ to help stop climate change, such as driving less, hanging washing on the line instead of using the dryer, using less water, or turning the heating down.”( Heres How You Can Help Stop Climate Change) This shows that not only a group of people, or people with a lot of money can help stop climate change. Individuals can stop climate change by doing a simple

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