Global Warming Dbq

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Do you often hear things like "we are killing our planet" or "global warming is a massive problem" from your local hippies? I 'm sure you must accept the common misconception that humans have made a huge impact on climate change, well I beg to differ: humans are actually not the main reason to climate change. In this essay I will explain as to why climate change isn 't caused by humans and why you should change your perspective on the topic. By analyzing that Global warming is natural, sea levels have been steadily rising for thousands of years, and CO2 has little impact on global warming, it becomes obvious that climate change was not cause by humans. Firstly global warming is actually natural, and the temperature has been slowly rising and cooling throughout the past 3000 years and the sudden rise in temperature in the recent years is perfectly normal and shouldn 't be considered as the destruction the earth. According to "In 2014 a study of 2,181 …show more content…

What also has been rising is the acidity levels in the ocean, and you might think "oh this is because people take out water from the ocean and just put the extra salt back" but not quite, states that "The pH of average ocean surface water is 8.1 and has only decreased 0.1 since the beginning of the industrial revolution (neutral is pH 7, acid is below pH 7)", so the acidity level in the ocean hasn 't risen that much since the beginning of the industrial era due to the pH only decreasing by 0.1 which is not as much as you 'd have

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