Solutions To Global Warming

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Global Warming is the greater amount of the typical world internal heat as the outcome what we know was the greenhouse, it can also be known as the measure of the temperature of the earth increase or decrease, the record has been started since 1950. The Global Warming caused by the human being on the natural event such as digging nature source industry exhaust and deforestation. Global Warming is serious issues of the environment it is because when the temperature raised up there will be a big effect of the life form of flower and tree, and also the chain effect of the animals they are two categories reason two cause of global warming such as natural and human influences. The surrounding of the earth change when the energy variety, this compare …show more content…

When the temperatures of the surface rose between 1906 and 2005, In addition, the temperatures are nearly double up the last 50 years. The temperatures can go up further. We can start a new turn to lowdown from 2005 to 2014 to the new technology and redevelop the new power plants and solar panel to help save our world.
There is much practical solution to global warming which is to the problem of too much heat-trapping emission that human putting into the atmosphere. One of the solutions is to reduce tropical deforestation the global community communicated with the entire member from all …show more content…

Global warming may have due to as a lot of problem for us that we make global warming happen. However, people have died as a result due to sickness. However it will also affect our economics and our country. We much need to reduce the global warming by using less gasoline, we should help to reduce, reuse and recycle to help the global warming clean to making the earth temperature expand. Due to our generations should have a starter to learn about global warming and take care of the environment. In addition, the next younger generation will be unpleasant if we do not start to reduce global warming. However, the global warming should be careful now. We should learn from each other and know about the global warming that can help to save the earth and the

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