Democratic Party Vs Republican Party Essay

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Once part of the Democratic- Republicans, who dominated the government and opposed the Federalist party in the early 1800s, the Democratic party is the oldest political national party in the United States. Democratic-Republicans believed in agrarianism, states’ rights, strictly following the constitution, and a weak federal government. They became the dominant party due to their opposition of ties with Britain and the fall of the Federalist party after the War of 1812. In the presidential election of 1824, disputes over the choice of successor split the party into two factions. The faction that became the Democratic Party, led by Andrew Jackson, won the presidency in 1828. For almost 30 years, the Democratic party held dominance in US politics…show more content…
As the democratic view adheres to the nation’s longstanding history of immigration, the Republican party does not believe immigrants should be granted the same rights as any american citizen. They believe that these illegal immigrants bring with them drugs and crime as well as take jobs that should be held by US citizens, calling for their mass deportation. With crime at its lowest in the last 25 years, both the democratic party and republican party seek to further this societal improvement. To them, the best method of controlling crime is to administer tougher punishments for those who commit violent crimes as well as leaving the death penalty as an option for the most heinous offences. The Democratic party believes we must also increase the number of cops on the streets, while Republicans wish to limit the amount of freed prisoners. More concerned over the supply and demand of drugs in the United States, the Democratic Party wishes to put in place more preventative measures against smuggling and dealing drugs. By strengthening our relationship with Central American countries, together we can combat gangs and narco-traffickers that target those who wish to smuggle drugs into our country. They also wish to reenforce the D.A.R.E. program and provide treatments for at risk
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