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1. What it means to “ Listen” ?
One of the most important skills to acquire in the second language is Listening, but many language students face listening difficulties when listening to a second language. Furthermore, schools do not pay its attention to listening, only pay more attention to writing, structure, reading and vocabulary, so second language learners have significant problems in listening comprehension.
On the other hand, many course books or syllabus do not pay attention to listening, in addition, lots of teachers when they prepare the lesson plan, do not assign importance to listening because they believe that it will grow and develop within the learning process naturally.
In the point of view of some lecturers, learning a foreign language is the ability to speak
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2. The importance of listening skill

1. (Ted Power, 2009) has mentioned that reading and listening are very important language skills in our everyday lives, where the students should be aware of the possibilities and the uses of reading and the listening because both are exploring new activities which facilitate discover creative methods in which language is used and help them to enhance the awareness of the use of grammar and other things related to language.
2. Reading and listening have a significant role in the vocabulary acquisition because words do not exist on their own, but they depend on each other and live with other words (Boyle, 1987; Longman Nation, 2005) .
3. (Omaggio, 1986) has noted that students remember the words in context more than when these words are single items.
4. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination in order to think and speak, in addition, encouraging them to be interested in the speech of the others when using the small-group activities in the listening process (Rivers, 1983a)
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