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Reflection on the 5-Days Journey to Become a Better Listener Throughout the 5-days practice of active listening and basic attending skills in daily conversations, it was easiest for me to practice empathy. I found it easy to perceive the situation through others’ eyes and perspectives in order to capture the accurate meaning when I was nonjudgemental and listened attentively to others. As a result, I was able to develop empathic rapport in which I accurately sensed and understood others’ concerns as well as feelings as compared to when I conversed without empathy, allowing my presumptions to affect my interpretation of others’ meaning due to the need for others to agree with my worldview. Besides that, I was able to practice basic empathy, which is the second level of empathy where I paraphrased …show more content…

These skills are not only applicable in the counselling setting to form therapeutic relationship; they are also essential in daily life to convey information in a healthier way instead of finger pointing and blaming others, especially during conflict. To illustrate, the practice of “I” statements were especially useful in expressing my discomfort due to someone’s behaviour since it allowed me to convey my discomfort clearly while reducing the defensiveness of the person. Besides that, I used to have superficial relationship with others as I avoided touching on people’s inner feelings due to my fear of not providing any constructive feedback to resolve their issues. Nevertheless, this has taught me that conversations do not merely revolve around advice giving; by actively listening to others, that could also serve as the best form of support. After understanding this, I am more willing to listen to my friends’ feelings and provide emotional support which deepens our

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