Therapeutic Communication Skills

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Describe the interview (including impressions, general reactions, and feelings about your first visit.) The interview went well, my first impression of her was she is very sweet and kind. She did seem to have a little trouble understanding some questions that were asked. Therefore, I had to switch my way of communicating those questions for her. 2. Identify communication barriers you encountered during your visits. (Ebersole and Hess Ch. 6, need a reference citation). Some barriers I came to were that some of the questions were difficult for her to answer, or make meaning of. This caused me to explain the question in a different format that she could understand. 3. Identify and describe the therapeutic communication skills you utilized during your visits. (Remember to use a reference, a reference citation is required). …show more content…

I used open-ended questions, closed ended questions, I encouraged storytelling, and I positioned myself at an equal level with the resident as she sat in a chair. (Touhy, Jett and Ebersole, 2014, p. 67). I used the storytelling technique right when I started the interview. This helped the resident become more comfortable with me, and open up more about her life history. She then was able to reminisce from the questions I had asked her about her past. I could tell by her expression that the storytelling and reminiscing was making her happy. I then incorporated more closed and open-ended questions about her daily routine and hobbies. 4. Describe your perspective of the patient 's response to the interview. She was excited to be a part of this project. She seemed to enjoy having some company, especially younger company. As she has many grandkids and great grandkids. So she seemed pleased to have a younger adult to sit and talk with her for a while. 5. State anything you would like to change when communicating with your

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