Mexican Immigration To Los Angeles Essay

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For my research paper, I plan to discuss the driving factors that attract Mexican immigrants to Los Angeles. Specifically, I want to argue that Mexican immigrants are the backbone of the industrial sector of Los Angeles. Their presence has transformed the city of Los Angeles and has helped the city economically. In my research, I want to look at the neighborhood of Vernon. Vernon itself is a very industrial area with massive companies and factories located there. I became interested in this topic because both my parents came from Mexico to Los Angeles in 1975. They both wanted to have better economic opportunities in the US and wanted to achieve the “American Dream.” As my father and mother both settled in Los Angeles, both acquired jobs working …show more content…

I want to ask them a series of questions involving their journeys and experiences arriving in Los Angeles and their job working experiences/accounts in factories. I will ask them ( Questions of coming to America)- What was your journey like to the US? Why did you decide to settle in Los Angeles? Besides economic opportunities, what other motives did you have to reach the US? How did you hear about the city of Los Angeles.? ( Questions of job experiences) What are personal experiences working in a steel/clothing company? How did you feel working at these companies? Did you ever have any other choices working in other jobs besides factories? Did you encounter any hostile uncomfortable situations in the workforce? These are some of the questions I might ask. I will ask more questions as I continue my research. I wanted to ask any of you (my colleagues) do you know anyone who works in a factory in the city of Vernon or LA area in general. I would like to get other people 's first-hand accounts if possible. Please let me know if you can, my email is Besides, interviews, I want to watch the documentary Harvest of Empire ( I have not seen it, but I heard it was good) to elaborate more in depth the historical background of Mexican immigration. This documentary will help me reinforce Ch. 4 and 5 of the LSR that discusses the history of Mexican immigration in the US. I also plan to search for

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