Describe What It Means To Have A Learning Disability Essay

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M2 A1 Module 2 Assessment
In your own words, respond to the following questions from the readings as if you were speaking to a parent of one of your students

1. Describe what it means to have a Learning Disability, including all the different types

Good afternoon Mrs. Crawley. It's a pleasure to meet you again. It's wonderful to have George in my class. He is very kind and thoughtful. He is an intelligent young man with strengths and challenges. I know you must be proud. I want to have an open discussion about your son's challenges. Over the past couple weeks; I have observed George formally and informally. I have documentation if you would like to look it over. I want to have an open conversation with always having George the …show more content…

This disorder includes perceptual disabilities, minimal brain injury, dyslexia, developmental aphasia (Hallahan, Kauffman and Pullen, 2012). Having a learning disability is very common. The number is just below 5% in the children between the ages of 6 and 17. Mrs. Crowley, some of the causes of a learning disability are neurological factors like the central nervous system dysfunction. He may already show signs of distraction, hyperactivity or perceptual disturbance. Others factors that contribute to a learning disability are genetics, toxins, and medical history. I recommend consulting with your family physician. Children with learning disabilities can have social-emotional problems. They tend to run a greater risk than their peers that don’t have a learning disability: for example, a child could experience depression, social rejection, loneness or suicidal ideations (Hallahan, Kauffman and Pullen, 2012). Here at the school we will have a team to educate George. We have resources available to assist in the process and the growth for George, your family and

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