Perfect Imperfections: A Short Story

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Perfect Imperfections “Please leave my mind,” I think to myself as I stare out the window, dozing off to the sound of jays chirping along to the rustles of leaves swaying with the autumn breeze. “I can’t though.” Thoughts of him consumes my mind everyday and night. From his twinkling eyes to his brightening smile; he is the most perfect human being any soul can encounter. “He is so perfect,” I gleam as images of his features run through my mind incessantly. His chocolate brown hair stands straight and tall yet is so soft to the touch. His soft and caring eyes are a splash of colors: a ring of blue-green in the center with a caramel-brown surrounding it and hints of gold flecks appearing here and there. His intense, yet gentle, stare would melt my heart as I lose myself in them. The sound of…show more content…
My stomach aches with butterflies continuously fluttering around. “We can meet down at Lacamas Lake.” “I guess,” I respond, trying not to appear desperate. My heart thumps rapidly in my chest, loud enough for the world to hear. “Let’s meet in ten minute.” I instantly jump to my feet and run straight to my closet, shuffling through my clothes looking for my newest outfit. I step out in a plain white pullover hoodie, black jeans, and white shoes. I walk to the lake at a steady pace, observing the nature that had created my very existence. The warm breeze flows through the trees softly, carrying colorful leaves off each branch and into the sky. My nose fill up with the scent of sweet violet Dahlias blooming along the edge of the Lacamas Heritage Trail. The sound of singing robins, rustling leaves, and ripples from the lake are melodies to my ears that compliment one another with perfect rhythm. Lastly, standing in front of me is the only human being with every part of his body positioned in every right places. His shirtless toned abs are exposed to the naked eye, his kind eyes meet mine, and his perfect lips curl up into a welcoming

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