Descriptive Speech About My Friend

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First of all I’m very sorry I’m not there with all of you. I feel bereft of my lifelong, dear friend and I feel compelled to speak about this sweet, smart man who I fully expected to grow into some kind of Jimmy Buffet-style old age. There are so many of us who loved Mike and who felt the joy of being friends with this kind man. We all have pictures of him that we’ve been reflecting on and smiling and crying. That’s normal. When Michael was with you it was always a fun or meaningful moment that warranted documentation so you could later recall and enjoy again the beauty of living in that moment. Everyone considered Michael a special friend. He had the gift to make everyone feel like they were deeply important to him. And it is because-- they were. For those of us who knew and loved Michael before he even discovered hair gel, the collection of pictures, moments and memories is extensive. They attest not only to his sweetness and laughter, but his amazing wit, brilliance and imagination. For me, those stories span more than three decades—from afternoons hanging out at my house to his patiently teaching me to drive stick in one of his many new cars, and hours watching Scarface—and then his own Tony Montana impression with powdered sugar and a black suit included. There’s dancing at Central City in Gainesville and a cast of common friends like Keven Cohen, Mark Burch and James Shepherd. And then there are thousands of hours of conversation. But most importantly… there is

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