The Man Who Live In The Woods Short Story

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In The Woods There have been many rumors about the man with 8 arms who lives in the dark, mysterious woods. The man with 8 arms who supposedly ends up taking people that walk into his territory. The very few people who actually get out of the woods alive have made a small, brief description about his appearance. They say that he has a cold, deep, frightening stare that will lift all of the hairs on your skin. He has the clothes of a rich man but his attire is all torn and ripped; maybe from living in the woods for a very long period of time. Nobody even knows where this man came from, as people only started mysteriously disappearing about a couple of months ago. Or, at least thats what Ive heard. It´s been about a week since the last …show more content…

Our tents were put up, we had our food in our littler cooler and same for the waters. 2 hours later, we were just laying down playing on our phones since we didn't feel like doing anything else anymore. All of a sudden, the wind begun to blow quicker and it soon became much colder than expected. We could hear the branches of the trees rustling as the wind blew harder and harder. Our connected tents soon started come off of their steel poles. Then, the wind stopped. A large creature could be heard outside, making scratching noises onto the trees. Chills went down our spines as we were very afraid to look outside our tents. Then, the unexpected happened, the creature that we heard gave a deep and frightening howl. We all stood in silence while it continued. And then it stopped. ¨Swoosh¨ Our connected tent was slashed in half by what looked like a long, skinny blade. It was one arm of the 8 armed man. His face, covered in red, torn clothes, 8 arms. It was true, all of it was true. We got out of the tent as quick as we could trying to escape death from the creature. What we didn't know, the 8 armed man could climb trees faster than we could run. He pounced on my buddy Steve and punctured him in the back. The 8 armed man soon hung him with a cord of vines, as rich, red blood was dripping from his

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