Run Karen Monologue

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“Run Karen, Find my Brother, he will take care of you!” Daddy 's scream echoed to me from the front door as I stared at him petrified at the scene unfolding in front of me. Mommy’s blood coated the planks of wood my Daddy laid on. My sister 's teddy bear torn and cascaded in her blood as if it had been the one bleeding itself. Worst of all, my father who laid on the front porch attempting but to no avail to close the gaping hole in his stomach where the pole impaled him. The whole thing too much for me to understand made me scared, but even though I was scared, I knew that I needed to run, but no matter how much I tried to will myself to run, but my body refused to respond to my mind 's pleads. Then it suddenly became burning hot, And I saw…show more content…
“If that 's all Doctor May, can I leave I have a test in a few days and I’d like to not have to cram at the last minute.” I lied to her not wanting to stay in the office any longer than needed. “Yup, that’s all we have time for today anyways, But I do want to see you practicing your kick-boxing, it 's been helping you a lot and from what I’ve seen your quite good at it.” Doctor May told me, scribbling down notes on the clipboard she held every time I saw her since the beginning of our session together. I nodded towards her, but she just waved at me dismissively. I mentally scoffed at her, and slipped on my slippers before heading out of the small bland office. I walked through the maze of cream colored walls and doors with ease, seeing as I had done it countless of times. I walked outside into the crisp autumn air and heard the rev of an engine I quickly turned around, my chocolate brown hair bouncing as I did. “Come on Kare, I wanna go home already.” My Uncle whined childishly. He fumbled to open the passenger side door of the old red pickup truck and got it after a few tries. My uncle was a kind man who wore flannels and jeans, nothing else. His short black hair had some white in it giving him a much older appearance than he actually was, and his brown eyes that could kill if he were
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