Diabetes Type 2 Case Study

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Diabetes type 2 is a serious health problem that faces the African American community today (Carter, Barba, & Kautz, 2013). A decreased awareness of risk factors and knowledge deficit in a perceived threat and physical activity levels increases the likelihood of diabetes type 2 and its associated complications (Omolafe, Mouttapa, McMahan & Tanjasri, 2010). Furthermore, diabetes type 2 is 1.7 times higher in African Americans than non- Hispanic whites. Swift, Staiano, Johannsen, Lavie, Earnest, Katzmarzyk and Church (2013) states African-Americans have a greater risk of suffering from blindness, kidney disease, and amputations than the Caucasian race. Furthermore, statistics shows that African-American men and women have a 44.8 and 44.7%

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