Difference Between Functionalism And Functionalist Theory

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Functionalism, also known as the functionalist perspective is one of the foremost theoretical perspectives in modern sociology. This perspective attributes its roots to the works of Emile Durkheim who devoted his life to the study of social order and social stability http://www.cliffsnotes.com/study_guide/topicArticleId-26957,articleId-26837.html The functionalist perspective claims that society is more than just a collection of several parts, rather each part plays a certain role and contributes to whole of society, it states that social institutions form and persist due to the role they play in promoting societal stability and integration. https://www.boundless.com/sociology/textbooks/boundless-sociology-textbook/sociology-1/theoretical-perspectives-in-sociology-24/the-functionalist-perspective-155-3284/ Here in lies the key point, functionalism claims that each and every entity or structure in a society has a set function (hence the name) in the workings of society as a whole. http://sociology.about.com/od/Sociological-Theory/a/Functionalist-Theory.htm Robert Merton, another well-known sociologist, divided these functions into two type: manifest and latent. Manifest being the more obvious and intentional functions and latent being those which are less obvious.
Now with an understanding of Functionalism firmly planted in our minds let us first analyze some of the more manifest functions that the Third Crusade played in that

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