Difference Between Media Concentration And Conglomeration

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Name: Muhammad Nasrul Haziq Bin Zainal Abidin Student ID: 20034466 1. Media concentration means that a few media companies combine together as one. This means that as time progresses, less and less company or institution controls the share of mass media. This process involves the media company of the same business. For example, two media company can merge together to form a larger media institution of the same purpose. In a way, this reduces competition because the companies will eventually work together as they are merged into a single institution. Media conglomeration means that several media companies of different purposes combines together to form conglomerates. For example, a book distribution company and a book publishing company can combine together as one company with two services. When the company publishes a book, the company already has a place to distribute the books as a result of their conglomeration. This process usually happens when a larger company buys the smaller company of the different purposes. This can also happen when a rich and powerful individual buy over a several different media companies of the different purposes. …show more content…

Media concentration and conglomeration is similar in the sense that they both reduces the ownership of media institution. In both process, eventually, several large media institutions will own multiple smaller media

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