Disadvantages Of Machine Learning

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The extensive use of information and communication technology has generated large volumes of data storage. The data repositories might contain massive amount of useful information. In order to extract useful knowledge from these data repositories for making better decision, necessitate the need for proper methods of extracting knowledge. Machine learning is an important technique which extracts necessary knodledge and information such as association, patterns, changes and anomalies from various data repositories (Barka et al., 2010).

The idea of machine learning is something resulting from this environment. Computers can break down advanced information to discover patterns and laws in ways that is more complex for a human to do. The fundamental thought of machine learning is that a computer can automatically gain from experience (Mitchell, 1997). Although machine learning applications differ, its general function is similar through its applications. The computer process a huge amount of data, and locate patterns and hidden rules in the data. These rules and patterns are numerical in nature, and they can be simply processed and defined by a computer. The computer would then be able to utilize those standards to …show more content…

It is because the standard of a mega university is based on its useful record of academic performance. There are many opinions on students achievent based on the previous information. According to Usamah (2013) expressed that students accomplishment can be get by measuring the learning evaluation and co-educational programs. In any case, a large portion of the investigations specified about graduation being the measure of students achievement. The assessment is essential to keep up students achievement and the success of learning process. By examining students achievement, a vital program can be highly arranged throughout their period of studies in a university (Z. Ibrahim

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