Disadvantages Of Virtual Organization

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3. Virtual organization If we consider an intelligent organization as a business entity, then it differs from other businesses in a sense that its employees have the status of business partners and participate in the decision making. Now, due to communication technology improvements and continued globalization, we have moved away from working with people who are in our visual proximity to working with people around the globe [8]. There are many definitions aspiring to fully explain the newest form of business organization: “virtual team is used to cover a wide range of activities and forms of technology-supported working, [9] or “virtual teams are groups of geographically, organizationally and/or time dispersed workers brought together by information technologies to accomplish one or more organizational tasks”[10]. A networked virtual team is defined by Duarte and Snyder as consisting “of individuals who collaborate to achieve a common goal or purpose”[11]. Virtual teams use electronic collaboration technologies and other techniques to lower travel and facility costs, reduce project schedules, improve decision-making time, and communication [12]. Managing virtual teams can often be more complex than managing traditional teams, however although the effective use of electronic communication and collaboration technologies is fundamental to the success of virtual teams, virtual teams must often find ways to overcome the limitations of technology for communication and
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