Discrimination In Health And Social Care Essay

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In the health and social care settings, the service the clients receive is vital and should be met at a high standard. This sometimes is not if they are judged by their background, upbringing, race, culture, religion and even sex resulting to discrimination. So it is very essential to implement anti-discriminatory practices in order to eliminate discrimination but there are difficulties associated in the implementation of these anti-discriminatory practices within the health and social care setting. In this task, I will not only discuss these difficulties but also ways of overcoming them with justification. The use of language (language barrier) is one difficulty that may arise when trying to implement anti-discriminatory practice in the health and social care settings. Service user that use the service of health and social care settings are diverse, in terms of their culture, religion and race. They have different accent and talk differently which can be difficult to understand if you are not from same part of the country or ethnic background that person. For example, if a patient from Africa with deep African accents is talking to his English GP about his …show more content…

Some of the difficulties that may arise includes, not giving the service user the chance to make choices. For example; if a resident of a care home says he/she will like to wear shorts on his/her day out and the staff insist that he/she must wear whatever clothes that has being selected by the staff, then the staff is not giving the resident the chance to make their choice (not empowering). Under the Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and social care, every service user have the right to their choice and this must be respected regardless of their colour, race, culture and sexual

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