Distracted Driving Essay

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n 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured idistracted drivers. The advertisement is about distracting driving and how to be even more careful during school season. The image tries to convey drivers not to be distracted while they are driving by using the gaze to show the point of this image. Anyone behind a wheel and everyone inside a car should be
The picture shows a driver and a passager about to hit a liitle kid. The creater of the image makes it where the passage is also responsible of being distracted. A active passanger could have warn the driver, but she was also distracted. The publiv announcement said “Think about both side” hinting to be about the love indise of the car as people outside the car. This ad also said “The number of car involving children increses during the school holidays. Please be careful” , this show people have to be careful with people inside the car and out. The only person in the vehicle that is aware of what is going on id the little boy in the back seat. This image show that distracted driving can injure and even kill. Also I think that they use the little boy in the back to show that anyone inside can be traumatize. Think about what …show more content…

Althought she is not driving, It is like she is too will be responsible of the ancident. I think the public announment is trying to say that anyone can be driving distracted, regardless of age gender, and experiecn. Using a men and a women, shows that both gender can drive distractively. This contradict the idea of Richard Leppert of gender roles. In the article he said “men act and women appear”, this really doesn’t fit since the public announcement make it seem that both the drive and passanger are going to be responsible. In this case men and women both act and appear. Anyone that is a drive is capable of driving distracted regardless of gender. SO every one should be

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