Distracted Driving Research Paper

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Liz Marks Skyler Woods 5th hour for teens distracted driving is the number one death. Liz Marks is a victim of this. when Liz Marks was a victim of this she was 17, it was April 2012. She was one of the nine people that die a day from distracted driving. Liz was blind in her right eye. For that happening she had to get a prosthetic eye. She can smell as good as other people.She also can not taste as good and hear as well as other people in the world. Liz can not sleep without taking drugs. She is disabled no that she got in a car accident. liz Marks has a severe Brain injury after the crash also.

You need to hang up and drive. The way that Liz crashed was that she told her mom that she does not text or get on her phone while driving.

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