Do Bystanders Play In Bullying

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For every bully there is a victim. Usually when we think about bullying events, we only think about the bully and the victim that were involved, but what about the bystander? Bystanders play a crucial role in what goes on in the event of bullying, because they are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution when it comes down to how they react in bullying situations. Most bystanders do not realize the role that they play in bullying and how they can be the solution to bullying rather than being the problem. The thesis statement in, “Bullying in Schools: An Overview,” states that “In dealing with bullies, adults in schools must understand that the problem lies with the bully, not the victim, and act accordingly.”(Lee Deborah) is…show more content…
Most bystanders choose not to take action in any way when bullying occurs, but this is just allowing the bully to continue on bullying the victim. Bystanders may argue that avoiding the conflict between bullies and their victims is the right decision or better for them personally. Bystanders might think that by “minding their own business”, they are not harming the bully or the victim and that they are staying out of the situation, but by not taking action while bullying is taking place the bystander is no better than the bully. Bystanders usually do not play a neutral role, although they might think they do by not acknowledging the bully or victim and by keeping out of the situation, but this just makes them a hurtful…show more content…
In "Counterpoint: School Children Should Learn To Defend Themselves Against Bullies," the thesis states “Dealing with childhood bullies is part of growing up. Children must learn to cope and defend themselves,” but what about those who cannot learn to defend themselves? This is where the adult that plays the role of the bystander needs to intervene, so that it is not a lack of action on their part. Bullying will never be completely over, but bystanders have the option of choosing to be hurtful or helpful, and they can choose to prevent bullying by being helpful. When it comes down to bullying situations bystanders need to choose to be the solution instead of the problem, because it is one or the
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