Does Chipotle Mexican Grill Have Any Core Competencies

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. What is your assessment of the ways in which Chipotle has responded to the food poisoning incidents in some of its restaurants? Considering that they participated in the shutting down of all contaminated stores while providing deep cleaning services and a complete and thorough review of all their practices, I would state that they handled the situation responsibly. 2. Does Chipotle Mexican Grill have any core competencies and, if so, what are they? They have several core competencies that are are essential to their business. The first and most important in my opinion is their commitment to food with integrity. By using as many natural products as possible when cooking it gives them a substantial advantage over the majority of fast restaurants …show more content…

Strengths: dedicated and motivated workforce, locally obtained products, customization of products, rapid growth and financial strength. weaknesses: continued issues with food quality, it’s over dependence on the US market, and a limited menu Opportunities: movement into new markets with the concept store. Rapid store expansion. threats: food safety issues. And competition taking advantage of the customer void left by the incident. The company has been wounded by the food poisoning in some incidents dramatically. It is seen quarterly losses since the incidents. The biggest impact to them has been their loss of their customer base that has moved on to other brands due to the inability of chipotle to negate the damage done to its reputation. 4. What are the primary and secondary components of Chipotle’s value chain? The primary components of chipotle’s value chain are: the opening of new restaurants which include both their location and design elements. Their marketing and brand building activities. The overall operating of the restaurants. The last primary component is supply chain management. The secondary components of the value chain are: the hiring and training of employees at the restaurants. Although their financial activities with a special emphasis on financing for continued growth. Quality and control initiatives that include food safety. Lastly, is the development of managers …show more content…

Out of the five generic competitive strategies the one that mostly resembles strategy of chipotle is the broad differentiation strategy. With their campaign of food with integrity their strategy reaches out to a customer base that is conscience of products that are high quality and this includes their meals. The strategy opens up to a broader customer base that values quality food coupled with reasonable prices. They are not in niche company even know they sell burritos and alike in their stores. Thinking on broader terms they are still a restaurant that is trying to be competitive in a market with such restaurants like McDonald’s or most selfless grill. By providing a quality product with this broader approach enables Travolta a to have a competitive advantage. 7. What chief difference(s) do you see between Chipotle’s strategy and the strategy being employed at Moe’s Southwest

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