Chipotle Mexican Grill: Business Analysis

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Key areas of Chipotle Mexican Grill significance to business As a CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill, the key areas that are significant business operation are relationship of the restaurant with its customers, integrity in the business operation and ethical communication. These key factors are important to the performance and growth of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Having a positive relationship between the customers and staffs of Chipotle Mexican Grill, it enables in increasing their confidence in the business. Theprinciples of good ethical codes are essential in ensuring all the good relationship of customers and staffs are maintained. Integrity of the member of staffs also contributes in attracting more customers(Buchholtz & Carroll, 2014). It helps in wining customers trust with the Chipotle Mexican Grill and hence even giving referral for good relations. Therefore, all the staff members are supposed to uphold high level …show more content…

Employees observes the action and behaviors of their leaders and hence follow them as an example. For employees to uphold high integrity and good communication skills, their leaders are supposed to have these skills. Therefore, as CEO it is important to ensure all employees regardless of their position and rank in Chipotle Mexican Grill has to observe and follow code of conduct. The second step is emphasizing code of conduct to employees especially in their specialization(Aras & Crowther, 2012). It is important to ensure the employees understand code of ethics that are related to their fields of specialization and where they are operating. Finally, having good relationship with the employees it motivates them to perform their duties in good heart. Understanding their grievances and addressing their problems improves their morale at work and hence they work whole heartedly to deliver good performances. Therefore, the relationship between the managers and employees contributes to a great impact to adhere to code of

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