Does Tim Burton Use Cinematic Techniques In Edward Scissorhands

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Thesis: Tim Burton uses a variety of cinematic techniques such as lighting, framing, and camera movements to create an unique gothic effect

Body Paragraphs
Lighting- mood(atmosphere) & tone (attitude) Tim Burton uses lighting to contrast literary elements
Edward Scissorhands
The town where Peg lives is portrayed as very vibrant colors to symbolize suburbia and show how conformed everything is. Even though their society is anything perfect, since all of the women gossip and their social community is very blunt and crude.
Contrastly to Ed’s home and to his character where it is very big, dark, and lonely, having a grungy- vibe. But, Ed is much more compassionate and warm-hearted than the women living below the hill
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While inside, warm colors are used to show even though they live in poverty, their family connection is highly valued and is what keeps them going
Also, how the Chocolate Factory is like Peg’s neighborhood, as it is depicted as vibrant and bliss- a utopia. Although Willy Wonka’s character is portrayed as perfect, he is much more deformed and screwed up than even Charlie’s life
Corpse Bride
In the Corpse Bride, Burton made it ironic because the “real world” was very grey, and lowlighted. Comparatively to the “underworld” where it seemed vivid and ‘lively’.
Death’s stereotype is pictures as overcasted and gloomy while in the movie Hell was a much more happier place than the above world
Tim Burton uses an ironical approach to lighting to give a new perspective to the audience about certain topics

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Within that main flashback, inside the story contains Edward’s recollections of his backstory. These details all lead up to an old Kim telling the story of how it started snowing
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka has multiple flashbacks of his childhood throughout the movie dealing with his daddy problems. Which Burton revealed that because of his restriction of candy during his youth, drove Willy to his life obsession with candy, especially chocolate
Corpse Bride
Emily, the bride from the underworld, tells victor through a song and a flashback why she is dead and why her marriage to him is important. The song reveals her past when she was living and all of the dreams she had and now wants to complete.
Flashbacks are decisive components to Tim Burton’s editing style because it shows how he goes that extra step to add another layer of meaning to the plot

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