Donald Trump Fallacies

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Fallacies in political speeches: Donald Trump announces he is running for president. Donald Trump’s one very distinct “ability” is making a vast amount of people react to what he says. Be it good or bad, this makes him gain more attention not only in the United States, but all over the world. At the end of the day, what really matters is if his statements have, in fact, any effect on people’s votes. So for those who are not yet sure about his sincerity, it only takes a not to deep analysis of his speeches to spot serious fallacies. The first fallacy can be evidenced when Trump attempts to justify why he considers appropriate to build a huge wall on the North American southern border. According to him, “Mexico is sending people that have lots of problems”, not “the good ones” these people bring drugs, crime, and the most shocking of his remarks: “they are rapists”. In this case, Trumps commits the fallacy of hasty generalization. The candidate to president is drawing conclusions about people from another country without giving any reasons to support his words. His accusation is unjustified; he cannot prove that Mexicans who are crossing the border illegally are what he claims they are. Furthermore, Trump has no way to prove that Mexico’s government is actually “sending” these people themselves. If we follow his reasoning, he states that the “bad” Mexicans are crossing the border because the Mexican government is sending them, which falls into the category of the fallacy of
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