The Republican Party: Antithesis Of The Conservative Party

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The Republican Party of 2015 is the antithesis of the principled and conservative party of 1980. Led by a Speaker of the House who is as likely to cry as he is to make back-room deals with liberal socialists, the GOP is on a steady, downward spiral of cowardice and corruption. The campaign promises that swept Republicans into power in the House and Senate has fallen to the wayside like a mask withdrawn to reveal the ugly, twisted features beneath. The intense and explosive frustration of conservative voters stems from the helpless witnessing of a once conservative party gone mad with a lust for power, money and more big government. This vicious cycle of lies, evasions and calumniations to gain majority seats only to spit in the faces of those …show more content…

An American society sick and tired of political correctness, the vilification of manliness, countless degradations of the American culture and an insulting replacement of American values with foreign practices have catapulted Trump into the stratosphere. His strategy is simple.He has cast aside the careful and politically correct considerations of past and present candidates while attacking liberal agendas with accuracy and zest. The level of desperation for a candidate who is willing to face down the bias of media reporting, vicious attacks from the left and the failed promises of a party that is supposed to represent the conservative ideals of the majority, is both frightening and loud. Regrettably, the GOP has now joined the chorus of leftist assaults on …show more content…

This fact, coupled with the GOP attacks on Trump, reveal a Republican party that is embracing a voting block that ignorantly or knowingly supports the immoralities of the left. The GOP will never capture even a luke-warm percentage of the Hispanic vote regardless of all the shameful pandering and treasonous affiliations with the left. Willful ignorance combined with the corruption of money and power have joined to form a party no longer in touch with the constituents responsible for their political appointments. Gone are the days of Reagan conservatism. However, a light has flickered to life at the end of the tunnel with Trump 's continued success. While Trump may not personify all of the full ideology of a conservative candidate, his hard-edged stance on illegal immigration has created a massive wave of success for his campaign ambitions. The American people are fed-up, the Republican Party has been shamefully unveiled and for now, Trump seems to be the only

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