Dr Armstrong Murder

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And Then There Were None is about how ten people were invited to Soldier Island. The ten guests were Mr. Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Phillip Lombard, Miss Emily Brent, General Macarthur, Dr. Armstrong, Anthony Marston, Mr. Blore, and Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. The guests each got picked off one by one. The murder was the last to die, and killed itself so no evidence was left behind of their doing. The murder started off with Anthony, and continued on with the other guests as the days past bringing fear and madness into their minds. Anthony Marston was a young, bold man. On November 14 Anthony killed John and Lucy Combes in a car accident,but showed no remorse. This caused him to be blamed of murder for the children’s death. Anthony was …show more content…

She was accused of being responsible of the death of Beatrice Taylor on November 5, 1931. She told Ver about how she let Beatrice throw herself into the river because she wouldn’t let her inside. Miss Emily Brent died of hypodermic syringe injected into her neck. Her death was posed as a bee sting to follow the nursery rhyme, too. Dr. Armstrong was the next to die. Unfortunately, Dr. Armstrong was tricked by the murderer. Dr. Armstrong was pushed off a cliff and drowned. He was guilty of causing the death of Louisa Mary Clees on March 14, 1925. He had performed operation drunk and killed her. Mr. Blore was next on the list out of guests to die . A huge bear shaped clock from Vera’s mantel piece had crushed his head. Mr. Blore had been accused of bringing death upon James Stephen Landor on October 10th, 1928. He had sent him to prison where he died. The murderer now was obviously trying to get back at the guests for being guilty of crime. Phillip Lombard was the quiet, suspicious, and panther like man. In February, 1932 Lombard was guilty of death of 21 men members of East African Tribe. He had left them to starve, and took the food and went off on his own. He had been killed by Vera instead of the murderer. Vera had shot him through the heart, thinking if he was dead she would be alone and

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