Dr. Loury's Rhetorical Analysis

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Dr. Loury speaks with no circumscription against his opponents. Therefore, he tries to influence the emotions of the reader by using an accusatory tone when referring to his critics ' ideas as "dangerous." Loury (2013) effectively uses the device of metaphor to help his readers understand his argument when he says, "One could use a color-blind instrument to pursue racial goals and color-conscious instruments to pursue goals that are not necessarily racially defined" (p. 347). Loury doesn 't believe that color-blind policies can guarantee racial equality. But, can 't they? Loury 's assessment is a faulty one. His well-intended ideas ultimately work against the very thing he is trying to eradicate. Loury 's thesis fails because it proposes that equality is not possible without making racial distinctions. Even though this approach might show some initial progress for minorities, it also leaves itself open to discriminate against the traditionally better off races. …show more content…

Critics point out, like in the case of a job opening, that these types of policies create an unfair scenario where people might get hired, not because they are the best qualify candidate, but because there is a need to follow regulations that favor certain

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