Dr. Zhou Case Study

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When examining the case of the State of California against Dr Zhou, we can clearly conclude that the HIPAA law of which was convicted of violated is not just words written on paper to buy patients' confidence, it is meaningful law set in place to protect patient privacy and any ones violating this law, regardless of your position in the health care field can be persecuted punished for violating the law, even in the absence damages evidence resulting from the violation of the law. The purpose of this post is to discuss the case of the State of California against the physician, Dr Huping Zhou, in this post I will review the HIPAA law, penalties for violation of the law and why I felt that Doctor Zhou was very fortunate for his punishments four …show more content…

The UCLA School of medicine .Dr Zhou a licensed Cardiothoracic surgeon in China without any had a clear understanding that his action was the result of retaliation against his superior who informed him of his dismissal for his work performance. Medical information is the property of the patient, they are private often very sensitive no one should access this information just to satisfy their curiosity or to obtain information about other their may have negative feeling for. Dr. Zhou pleased deal was nothing less, but a bargain as that could make a solid case against for violation of privacy since he accessed information about high profile individuals including the state Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCapario, Tom Hanks, Drew Barrymore very famous actors whom personal information could be valuable and worth so much in the illegal market of the information age. If pictures of these individuals could be sold for so much even thought there was no found evidence of Dr. Zhou selling the information prior to the court case, the court could strongly make a case against him, under the ground of intend to benefit from the obtained information. And, should any of these individuals wanted to, Dr. could be sued for invasion privacy, attempt to benefit from one private, personal and medical information obtaining illegally since he had no business accessing the

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