Drinking Alcohol Under 21 Should Stay Illegal Essay

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Drinking Alcohol Under 21 Should Stay Illegal With the growing changes in the world, teens are being more like adults nowadays and are starting to consume products and take part in adult behavior. Teens should not risk ruining the rest of their lives for one or two good parties, because. Drinking can and will affect you down the road. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “4300 deaths annually are caused by underage drinking (N.I.A.A). Alcohol can put you in a dangerous position where anything can happen. The drinking legal drinking age should remain the same, because Teen’s brains are not well developed to be consuming alcohol, more drinking and driving accidents occur more for teens than adults, and alcohol also has an negative effect on youths mindsets and thoughts far more than adults. …show more content…

Drinking can negatively impact and slow down parts of your brain memory. Consumption causes your mood to change and become different than what you once knew. “The parts of your brain that are affected is the hippocampus and the prefrontal lobe” (Parts of the Brain - Memory & the Brain). The hippocampus is responsible for memory and learning. Prefrontal lobe is your impulse control and language. With that being said, drinking can destroy and your knock your brain of of whack. “Several decades of research have shown that drinking is associated with adverse effects on the central nervous system” (N.I.A.A). Drinking alcohol damages brain structure for youth in various ways. It can damage the “intracranial volume: volume enclosed by the skull.” (According to Parts Of The Brain Article.) The liver is also a major part of your body that can be put at risk when consuming alcohol. The liver helps your body gets away with waste and absorbs

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