Driving Testing Persuasive Essay

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Did you know that there was 2,227 fatal car crashes in 2010. Most of those crashes were caused by lack of education of our the laws or not much driving experience. Some of the things that are factors are foreign drivers, teens, teaching of the[ system. Foreign, teens, and the new drivers system are a big part of this issue because they get the education needed to drive or don’t get the driving time to learn the more complex situations. For example, some situations such as a tire blowout, or losing control of the vehicle. For all the drivers struggling with driving, we need more driving tests.

Foreign driver need more time to learn our laws. Canada grants entry to around 250,000 foreign immigrants a year and more than half of them get into a collision within a year of moving to Canada. So that why I think that we should have a annual driving test for the first five years. Even if it’s a written test it will still help foreign drivers learn our laws and ways of driving. For example, in India since there are so many drivers …show more content…

For a teen like myself that is learning how to drive the process is 4 years but there is only two road tests throughout these years. The first test is your learners and all you do to pass it is a written test then you drive for year or two till the class 5 GDL. the class 5 GDl and class 5 are standard road test where you drive with a driver instructor where ever he or she says to go. After the world is yours and you don’t do any tests after for the rest of life. The reason this is an issue is because how are people supposed to learn to drive properly by doing a driving test every 2 years for 4 years. I know for a fact they’re teens that still don’t how to drive fluently without making errors. And i’m not talking about errors like the way you parallel park but the fatal errors like running stop signs and not having to ability to see obstacles that pop up at last moment. Also the driving test don’t

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