Drug Testing For Welfare Essay

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How do you think the average American feels when he pays taxes to the government, just to know that it is going to people who use the money to buy drugs? According to Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Mississippi, Kansas, Tennessee, and Arizona only 10% of people receiving welfare are getting caught using drugs, the reason we only catch a small amount is the state government tells the recipients when they are drug testing them. In the technology we have today we can tell if a person is on drugs by three ways one way is urine, another way is blood and the last way is hair. These ways to drug test recipients are all efficient and effective. The most effective way is if you use hair to see if someone is using drugs you can usually tell for about 9 days it also depends on what drug they are using. We can tell from the DNA that is in their hair. The welfare system in America is broken, understanding what the welfare system is , should we drug test recipients, and should we background check recipients; however we may spend too much money and not get the result we want.
The welfare system is a system to help the less fortunate people of the community.The poverty line depends on the size of the family when you are a single adult the poverty line is about $11,000 a year If you have 8
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Close to $1,000,000,000 is used on drugs and alcohol, out of the $1,000,000,000,000,000 we spend on welfare. Since 2008 the welfare system has increased an extreme amount, we need to decrease this with one solution. Background check and drug testing are a necessary part of the welfare system due to using the taxpayers money. We need to reinforce our welfare system,inform people where their money is going, ensure that the taxpayers money is not being used on drugs and alcohol, and make sure we are not providing criminals or drug users with money; however we need to limit the spending by background checking. The American welfare system is broken and unconstitutional and we need to make it great
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