Drug Trafficking In Honduras

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For many years Honduras has been a victim of crimes that have made the country well know as one of the deadliest nations in the world. It all started with Honduras being the location between South America and US where gangs would smuggle cocaine and other drugs across. According to IISS Armed Conflict database, the security forces of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala are in a standoff with transnational drug cartels teying to control territory to use as transportation routes (IISS 1). Since the US counter trafficking operations have been trying to push the drug cartels out of Columbia and Mexico gangs members found shelter in parts of Honduras such as the wilderness of La Mosquitia creating fear amongst the population. For many years now they started to commit countless crimes in the country such as robberies, kidnapping, drug smuggling, and even commiting murders. They have destroyed homes and businesses which belong to hard-working Hondurans. …show more content…

Locals are afraid of speaking up turning activity in because of fear of repercussion. The hard-working men and women are now victims of orchestrated crimes. It is very sad to know that the government hasn 't been able to help out and better the situation. One reason is because part of them don 't know how or where to start and the other part is partnering up with the gangs and making business with them. The Honduran military has also found ways to extortion the people who live there by accusing them of false violations in order to get money out of the individuals. No wonder why the locals are afraid to speak up since it seems like they are in a dead-end no matter what they do they will end up having to pay the

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