Drump Persuasive Letter

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Dear lady, I was there. He sealed up the envelope and put it in the mailbox, hoping it would some day reach it’s destination. Tim knew something that nobody else knew. Except for one other person. He did not know her name. He barely knew what she looked like. But he had seen her… He had seen her assassinate the president. It was only one day into Tondal Drumps presidency when he had been killed and yet, nobody knew how or why or who killed him. The lady may have been the one with the deadly kill but Tim was in there for the same reason. They wanted Drumps dead. It was a brisk thursday morning. In fact it was the first morning Tondal Drump would be in the White House. Tim had planned and planned long and hard since the day Drump was elected. He had planned …show more content…

One women was looking to devastate America as well, with only a single bullet to the President's head. Not a single camera or guard or civilian saw her sneak in. At least that’s what she thought. She had dug a hole that lead to just under Drump’s room. At 3 A.M. she knew he would still be sound asleep. So she silently crept into Drump’s room and shot him in the head as she whispered, “when you open your mouth it irritates me”. At the same time Tim had planned to come right outside of Drump’s room by air. It was 3 A.M. when Tim looked through the window into Drump’s room. I’m finally here he thought. But at that second Tim saw the girl and he saw her point the gun at Drump’s head. She pulled the trigger and ran back down her hole. Quickly Tim zipped back up to his invisible helicopter and sped off without a trace of being there. The next morning when he woke up the world was in shock. However he felt disappointed in himself that it had not been him to do this. He knew the only thing he could try to do was to kill the girl who had shot Drump. He knew this was the only way that he would ever feel good about himself

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