Dual Admissions Essay: The Day That Changed My Life

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Imagine announcing a weather report for the fiercest blizzard of all time. Now imagine waiting under grey skies and icy winds for a bus that 's purpose is to drive you through it. It was a cloudy day in Boston and I was waiting for a ride home. All methods of public transportation were delayed. I 've always disliked having to take the metro and longed for the day I could drive myself, not having to depend on anyone. I had just came from a Positive Psychology dual enrollment class at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. I love being able to learn about what makes us human. Whether that 's how we physically or mentally came to be. Studying the origins of the universe and our solar system easily allows me to lose my train of thought. As I walked through the rush of people returning to/from work, I was completely captivated by the …show more content…

He went over the parts of the automatic transmission and before I knew it the car was driving delicately along the road. I felt the air shift as a train approached when suddenly, I found myself at a point where I had no choice but to turn. I shuddered and somehow mixed up the brakes with the accelerator and was startled by a clashing sound. The amount of pressure in the air was overwhelming until I slowly realized I had collided into a pile of snow. My uncle had his hand on the emergency brake, was he angry with me? Was he ready to cave in? Here I was expecting him to be frustrated with me, but he did the complete opposite, he burst into laughter. My uncle and I were there for approximately an hour trying to get the car off from the snow when a roaring engine came up from beyond the distance and a man assisted us. I wanted to hurry home, however my uncle thought differently. I told him I would much rather leave it for another day, but he insisted. He said, "We have to learn to use our mistakes as a drive to keep going." Before I knew it, I was driving back and forth, and learning how to never mistaken the brakes from the

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