Theory Of International Migration

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Migration is generally defined as the movement of people from one place to another place. According to UNESCO (2016), migration is defined as the crossing of the boundary of a political or administrative unit for a certain minimum period of time. It includes the movement of refugees, displaced persons, uprooted people as well as economic migrants. Migration usually takes place within the one country, however with the occurrence of globalization and technological advancement, migrants (people who migrated) began to migrate to other countries. Usually the countries that are preferred by the migrants are developed countries where they can benefit from the giant economic growth of the country. Southeast Asia also could not escape being on the receiving…show more content…
By staying in one place for a certain period of time, the question of migrant identity is at stake, whether or not migration had affected their identity. (missing something here)There had been numerous studies on the reasons for the for the causes of migration, however there is still a lack of studies about the migration of Chinese in Southeast Asia especially in Brunei and Malaysia. In this literature review, the focus of the paper will be reviewing past literatures works on the research topic. The structure of the literature review will include; theory of international migration- to explain why people generally migrate, adaptations and…show more content…
In this theory, it explained that individual rational choice is the deciding factor for the people to migrate. Individuals choose to migrate after they had calculated the benefit of migrating and usually they expect a positive return from their movement. According to this theory, people move to places where they can be more productive. (need more) Dual labor market theory Dual labor market theory explains that international migration is caused by the demand for labor in the modern industrial societies such as the developed countries. One of the major supporters of this theory is Piore (1979) in which he argues that international migration is caused by the prevailing demand for immigrant labor that is essential to the economic structure of developed nation. This theory presumed that it is the pull factors found in the developed nations that encourage people to migrate. 2.2

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