Dumbest Generation

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Older generations tend to believe that young adults, who are thirty years old or younger, are the “dumbest generation” ever. However, these young adults are not actually dumb, they are able to think more critically and deeper which helps them gain more knowledge and become more intelligent. It is invalid to compare the past with the present because in the present, technology and other developments are far more superior. Many people have shown themselves to be smarter than the older generation due to technological developments, and the increased use of technology. Sharon Begley stated that IQ scores “ have been rising since the 1930s” and these “tests measure not knowledge but pure thinking capacity” (Begley, Source 2). This shows that the …show more content…

Older people may argue that these young ones can’t concentrate, and “deep reading that used to come naturally has become a deep struggle” (Carr, Source 4). As past generations had only textbooks and no phones, they could focus and get their work done, but as technology developed, everyone became distracted and lost their ability to focus. No phones in the past have been a huge help because it allows them to concentrate and focus, but it was a hassle having to look through all those textbooks, even though most of them might not have answers. What would you do then? Well, today, the phones have all of the available resources online, and you can access with just a click. People are actually diving into topics more deeply and spending more time with it in order to understand the topic better because they are spending less time searching for the information. The younger generation also has way more resources available to them. People are adjusting themselves to the new development of technology in order to prepare for the future. The newer peer group is smarter than before because they are able to learn from the past, and they are constantly striving to improve themselves. Now, they are leaving their past knowledge behind and are developing even better mindsets. People grow more as a whole when they are constantly running and testing new things.

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