Dust Bowl Monologue

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Dust Bowl By: Keegan Smith

Have you ever been in the Dust Bowl well I have and here is my journey as me

and my family try to survive it. Today me and my brother Landin have to

watch my baby sister Jess, me and my brother Landin are twins and we hate

having to be responsible for her. We love to do outdoor things speaking of

which it is such a nice day out. I want to go play, but I have to take care of Jess

she’s only 9 months and so hard to take care of her, because all she does is cry,

cry, cry. My Ma and Pa are at an interview they need a job so we can get more

money. Oh I have an idea, I’ll can take Jess and go play outside with her. Ma

and Pa should be home soon anyway , I hope. Normally when we are outside

Jess stops crying so hopefully this works. …show more content…

I used to be in choir and I love to

sing sometimes when I feel like I am in a bad situation and I think my family is

getting really sick of me singing. “STOP SINGING” Ma yelled. Surprisingly Jess

didn’t wake up ,what do I do. “She’s not waking up”, I say as I look at my Mama

whimpering in the corner. So I listen to her heart beat there is nothing. “She’s

dead Mama ”, I whimper.

I know why she passed its all my fault I said she didn’t have a mask for her and

she was breathing in too much dust. It’s all my fault I was the one who said she

would be okay and now I have to live with the guilt of my baby sister's death.

1 month later, well we found a home in California and got Jess a grave (it’s

close to the house. Ma , and Pa got a job that pays really good money so we can

actually eat and not have to live outside or in a car.We try not to think that Jess

is gone but sometimes it crosses my mind and I cry a little but that’s okay

because I know my family will always be there for me. That was the story of my

experience with the Dust

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