EMR Vs. EHR – What Is The Difference?

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EMR vs EHR – What is the Difference?
There are many different types of software that medical offices uses. What I see in the differences in Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital version of using paper charts in a medical office. When it comes to EMR it contains the medical history and treatment history of the patient in a medical office. Using EMRs healthcare has advantages over using paper records. For example when using EMRs it will allow the medical office to track data over time, you can easily identify which patients are due for the preventing screen or the yearly physicals. Check patients that are coming in for blood pressure reading or vaccinations and being able to monitor and improve the overall of quality of care with in the practice. If patient need to see a specialist the EMRs does not travel easily out the medical office. Patient record will have to be printed out and will have to be mailed to their specialist or to other care member on the health care team. I would say the EMRs are not as much better than having a paper chart. …show more content…

When using EHRs the focus on the total health of the patient is going far beyond the standard clinical data that is being collected when it comes to the provider’s offices and the patients care. Electronic health care (EHRs) are designed to collect and compiles of patient information. They are also built to share information with other health care providers, laboratories, and specialist so they can able to retrieve information that involves the patient care. The National Alliance for Health Information Technology stated that EHTR data needs to be created and managed and consulted and has to be authorized by provider and staff and more than one healthcare

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